Oce VarioPrint 110, 120 and 135

What Make Oce 110, 120, 135 so Desirable?

The Oce VarioPrint 110, Oce VarioPrint 120, and Oce VarioPrint 135 models are one of the newer VarioPrint models but nonetheless are being retired after reaching a high print meter. The Oce VarioPrint 110, VarioPrint 120 and VarioPrint 135 models are the new models of the VarioPrint 6XXX models, printing at similar speeds.

These machines with higher meters are undesirable in the states. However, they are still able to be refurbished and used by those abroad. We are able to take a large quantity of these machines unlike many wholesalers who are unable to move these machines in quantity.

For higher printing speeds, the Oce VarioPrint 6160, Oce VarioPrint 6200, Oce VarioPrint 6250 and Oce VarioPrint 6320offer 160, 200, 250, and 320 pages per minute. These higher printing speeds are meant for industrial use and production. The latest model is the Oce VarioPrint Ultra series. This includes machines such as the Oce VarioPrint 6250 Ultra. Please see here for more information.