Oce VarioPrint 4110 and 4120 Series

The Oce VarioPrint 4110 and Oce VarioPrint 4120 models are one of the first and oldest models in the VarioPrint Series. Following the release of these models, Oce released the Oce VarioPrint 6160, VarioPrint 6200, VarioPrint 6250 and VarioPrint 6320 and then the Oce 110, Oce 120, and Oce 135. The most recent series is the Oce VarioPrint Ultra Series which includes machines such as the Oce VarioPrint 6250 Ultra.

While the older models Oce Vario Print 4110 and Vario Print 4120 has become less popular in the states, reprographic owners abroad regard these models to be similar in performance as the Oce 110, Oce 120 and Oce 135. Both models print at around 110 pages per minute. Due to the similarities in performance, Kingnote is able to leverage the relationships in China to purchase these machines well above market prices.

For the Vario Print 6160, Vario Print 6200, Vario Print 6250, and Vario Print 6320, the printing speed is much higher. These presses print at 160, 200, 250, and 320 pages per minute. These higher printing speeds are meant for industrial use and production.  Please see here for more information.