Streamline Oce VarioPrint 6160, 6200, 6250 and 6320

Retiring the Oce VarioPrint 6160, 6200, 6250 and 6320


The Oce VarioPrint 6160,  Oce VarioPrint 6200, Oce VarioPrint 6250, and Oce VarioPrint 6320 are designed for industrial use and print and significantly higher speeds than the counterpart models such as the VarioPrint 4110 and 4120 and the newer version Oce 110, Oce 120, and 135.

These industrial VarioPrint wide format machines can print up to 320 pages per minute as opposed to the slower models which print up to around 110 pages per minute.

Due to the cheaper models as alternatives, demand for used VarioPrint 6160, 6200, 6250, and 6320 can be low. Many purchasers opt for the slower models as they perform at similar levels and are able to accomplish most jobs.

Compared to other wholesalers, Kingnote has the ability to spend more for these machines due to our team in China which has established long term relationships with clients with industrial needs and needs for higher printing speeds.  We guarantee offering top prices beating all other purchasers due to our long established relationship with Chinese vendors.

Notice that the Oce VarioPrint is the same as Canon VarioPrint. The two companies merged a few years back.

Additionally, Konica also sells for Oce VarioPrint, which may make the models confusing. Oce equivalents with the Konica brand/tag are given below:

Oce VP 6160 =  Konica Minolta BIZHUB PRO 1600 P

Oce VP 6200 =  Konica Minolta BIZHUB PRO 2000 P

Oce VP 6250 =  Konica Minolta BIZHUB PRO 2500 P

Oce VP 6320 = No Konica compatible for this one