Kingnote Benefitting the State by Exporting Copiers

Kingnote benefitting the state by exporting copiers!

Imagine the world with new and advanced machines replacing your work place old products; where are you going to dump those extraordinary machines then?

You can store them in a storage house or can sell it to someone else, but for how long? There will always be new competitors in the market with new copiers which you will love to have (you can’t deny something with the exact features you have been long for). The point is sooner or later the state will be full of old and used copiers if they are not delivered to some place where they can be really useful!


How is that?

Kingnote is having a very useful solution for the both of the parties. We purchase used photocopiers, wide format machines and production copiers, make some space in the state for the entry of new machines, and export the used ones to the countries who are really willing to purchase refurbished or used machines.

This not only benefits them as they are purchasing those machines with a less price as compared to market’s expensive copier but also benefits you to get rid of your old and used copiers. Not only this! This makes place for more and more brands to come in the race and market themselves with better and advanced equipment.


Currently, brands like Xerox, Canon, Epson, HP, KIP, Oce, Ricoh and Teriostar are the top rated manufacturers of office copiers, production copiers and wide format machines. And they are able to manufacture and sell their products domestically in US due to more export of used copiers across the globe.

How do we do it?

Kingnote strategy is very simple. We work on the 3 basic key features of the company: Buy, Export, Dedicate.

Kingnote purchases old and used copiers from the end user and ensure if any of the machines needs refurbishing or repairing. These machines are purchased from our headquarters via established channels.


Once purchased and taken care of, we contact our close international wholesalers who help us export in Asia, South America and the Middle East. This export is done with the help of our load containers in which the machines are kept in safe packaging so that no damage is done to any of our product. We are concerned about our exported items to reach safe and sound and ensure all safety measures.

It is important for Kingnote to establish a healthy relationship with our end users, vendors and wholesalers. All the business transactions are done as soon as the purchase invoice is finalized.

What’s in for you?

You can enjoy the fruits of Kingnote export system as:

  • Sell your used copier with a negotiable price and earn a better amount of money which no one can offer you!

  • You can sell any of your photo copiers which are not being purchased by anyone else!

  • Make some space to have new and advanced equipment in your office and increase productivity!

  • Get ensured that your product will leave the US market.

  • Get exclusively free freight services throughout the process!

Reduce and Reuse

Kingnote has been reducing the number of used machines domestically by exporting machines abroad. This increases the value to the brands we buy (Of the wide format: HP, KIP, Oce, Ricoh, Teriostar, Xerox, Canon, Epson). Countries such as China and India need these copiers and wide format machines for production and are willing to use older models. Meanwhile, new models are able to come into the US market. Kingnote reduces the number of used production copiers.

Market Update

HP Pagewide XL4500, Pagewide XL5000, P Pagewide XL8000 (These are new models and very few used on the market. Kingnote buys these), KIP wide format, KIP 7000, wholesale copiers

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